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When new speaker of the house, the Rt. Hon. Trevor Mallard, removed the name of Jesus Christ from the Parliamentary prayer upon taking office, it was done without notice or apparent consultation. The speaker then chose to read the prayer (rather poorly it must be said) in Te reo Maori which seemed a bit strange but did, however, draw attention to those with understanding that something was amiss. The decision made by the speaker to exclude Jesus Christ from the prayer in such an underhanded way demanded an immediate and emphatic response from the church.


As believers how could we remain silent? Silence would only affirm and validate his decision. If the church doesn’t rise to be the voice of conscience in the nation, then who will?

There was a prompt response.

A delegation of concerned church leaders was formed and met with the speaker to voice objection, to query what had been done and why and to ask that the name of Jesus Christ be reinstated to the Parliamentary prayer. Although this was received and listened to graciously, sadly, there was no reinstatement of our Lord’s name.

It seems our pleas fell upon deaf ears.

Subsequently, permission was sought and granted to assemble on the grounds of Parliament on the 30th October 2018, so that we might state our case more emphatically and in greater numbers.

We will bring a strong and clear message that actually, many New Zealanders, not just the church, do not agree with what has been done, nor how it was done. We will be asking, in no uncertain terms, that the name of Jesus Christ be reinstated to the Parliamentary prayer.

This is an amazing opportunity for the church to come together at this time and make a stand as ‘one’ for our Lord Jesus Christ. On the steps of Parliament no less. How can we not stand for the one who gave His all for us? How can we not stand for the name which is above every name? Why would we not stand for the name to whom all will bow and confess ‘Jesus is Lord’. We must and we will, with great expectation and anticipation!

October 30th is a Tuesday and there is a reason for that date. The house sits at 2pm and that being the case all members of Parliament are expected to be there, including the Speaker and the Prime Minister. We WILL be noticed. That is why YOU need to be there. That is why we ALL need to be there! We are expecting not hundreds, but thousands to gather. This will be a gathering of church and community.

Come and make known our voice and our presence in our nation.
It’s said that evil abounds when good men do nothing.


Well, that’s about to change!

Flashback: 27,000 people march for Jesus in Wellington

'They expected a couple hundred people, but 27,000 people from all Christian faiths turned up', writes Damian George.


Organiser Gordon Copeland was hoping a few hundred people would turn out to "march for Jesus" on an October day in 1972.


The march was to be part of the "Jesus movement", a phenomena which swept its way across the world in the late 1960s and early 1970s and eventually found its way to New Zealand [...]

City parking

There are a variety of parking options in Wellington City. Arrive early to allow time for finding a park and an easy walk, or bus ride, to Parliament. Below is a brief overview of three parking options. These overviews are followed by additional details to further assist those coming from out of town and locals who don’t usually frequent the Wellington CBD (Central Business District).


1. Parking Meters: Park on the street. Usual Maximum time limit is 2 Hours, but check signage on the parking meter. Prices range from $1.50 (city fringes a long way from parliament) up to $4.50 per hour depending on area. Pay by Credit Card / Debit Card / Coins.


2. Westpac Stadium: Fran Wilde Walkway on the Upper Deck is open to Jesus for NZ from 9:30am to 3pm. First In First Served. $12 flat rate. Pay by eftpos. (See further details below)


3. Wilson Parking: Parking Buildings or Open Air Parking Areas. Park as long as you like (Check signage onsite). Typically $3 to $6 per HALF hour. See below for more info on locations and links to Wilson website


1. Parking meters


Go to the Wellington City Council website for more information about how to pay (Credit Card / Debit Card / Coins) and how to operate the meters. BEWARE as there are fines for overstaying the time limit. If you think you might overstay the limit then consider parking at Westpac Stadium instead.

2. Westpac Stadium parking (103 Waterloo Quay)

Jesus for NZ has secured event parking for approx 300 vehicles at Westpac Stadium. Normally used as a walkway by crowds exiting Westpac Stadium, but made available to park approx 300 vehicles (2.5 tonne limit / SUV or smaller).


  • Access is via 103 Waterloo QuayJesus for NZ Marshals will usher you up to the upper deck

  • Weight limit 2.5 tonnes (SUV size & under)

  • $12 flat rate to park from 9:30am to 3pm. Pay by EFTPOS

  • 8-10 minute easy walk to Parliament via walkway to Railway Station then through tunnel under Thorndon Quay to tunnel exit 100m from Parliament.

3. Wilson Parking


Wilson Parking operate around 50 Parking Buildings / Areas in Wellington CBD (Central Business District).  Seven of these are in easy walking distance of Parliament. See Wilson Parking map.


As the Jesus for NZ event is on a business day many parks may be full or almost full. Based on a capacity report run by Wilson administration, we have been advised that the most likely sites to have available parks are as follows:

  • Stout Street – approx 5 minutes walk to Parliament

  • Queens Wharf – approx 10 minutes walk to Parliament

  • Plimmer Towers – approx 10-15 minutes walk to Parliament

  • Lower Willis Street – approx 15 minutes walk to Parliament

  • Marion Street – approx 20-25 minutes walk to Parliament

Bus drop-off and pick-up area


A reserved, traffic controlled, bus drop-off and pick-up area is located at the end of Lambton Quay just past the Cenotaph. See map below.


The Bus Drop Off / Pick Up Area is available from:

  • 10:00am to 11:15am

  • 2:00pm to 3:00pm




Please note, there are no toilets available at parliament. However, there are toilets located at the Wellington Train Station, Wellington Bus Terminal and inside the National Library – all within a 5 minute walk of parliament grounds.

A minute to midnite

Interview with Ps Ross Smith

Pastor Ross Smith joins Tony on Episode 205 of the A Minute To Midnite Show to discuss how New Zealand was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and how these are being systematically whittled away. This includes the removal of the name Jesus Christ from the parliamentary prayer in 2018. How does this affect other nations? What can be done about it?

It's time to ride!

This is a call to all bikers...

There is no greater cause. JESUS!...King of kings and Lord of lords. This is the call – to ride to parliament on October 30 for the Kings cause.

The name of our Lord Jesus Christ has been taken out of the parliamentary prayer as part of an agenda to dismantle and remove prayer, religion and God from our government and nation altogether.

When that happens, men become gods in their own eyes.
Jesus Christ out, Trevor Mallard in, I don't know about you, but this is not the legacy I want for my children or my children's children. Our nation was founded on judean/christian values and principles.

Thankfully we can do something about this, and we are.
On October 30 at 12pm, thousands will be gathering at parliament to protest what has been done and to ask for the name of Jesus Christ our Lord to be reinstated to our parliamentary prayer.

This is an awesome opportunity for the biker community to be seen and heard riding and standing for the King of Kings!

Is there a cost?...yes... it'll cost a day, but what is that in comparison to what our Lord has done to redeem us!
Jesus said 'if you deny me or are ashamed of me before men then I will do the same to you before My Father'...sobering thought is it not?

Well, here is our amazing opportunity to ride for the king and make a stand the likes of which has not been seen in this nation before.

This is divine appointment time, a time to lift and exalt the name of Jesus, together, in our land.
See you on the day!


So, the plan is this; meet at the Ngatitoa Domain in Plimmerton ( just north of Wellington ) say from10am and then travel in together leaving the domain at 11am and heading straight to parliament. The appropriate authorities are being contacted to help with the flow and parking etc.
It's going to be awesome. I'm expecting a LOT of bikes!

If you are a leader/secretary/president of a club/group/chapter and would like to know more then please get in touch via the jesusfornz.ord website or contact Ross on 0272867009

True lies

Unveiling the masks of democracy and inclusivity
We are blessed to live in a beautiful nation where many cultures mix freely and bring richness in their diversity. We have become a colourful tapestry of nations in this far flung melting pot known as New Zealand.

Peoples from around the globe come here to live expecting better things. A better life for family and friends. A safe and wholesome environment in which to raise children and a place to realise hopes and dreams for a prosperous future.


A nation of opportunity, not oppression.

A nation not of despots, but of democracy.

A nation of openness and truth, not of corruption and tyranny.


For many who live in the smaller South Pacific nations, New Zealand is seen as their Utopia. They aspire to live here or at least to see their children live here, to have access and opportunity for education, work, success, to live the dream that could never be a reality in their own nation. Religious expression and strong Christian heritage is part and parcel of many South Pacific Islanders and New Zealand is seen as carrying the same values.

When the newly elected speaker of the house, the RT. Hon. Trevor Mallard deleted the name of Jesus Christ from the Parliamentary prayer he did so with complete disregard or respect of opinion or response to those he would be affecting.

Upon hearing what he had done the elders in Kiribati and Niue could only respond in one way … ‘they wept!’ They were cut to their very heart and soul and they wept. Some would say ‘an impotent response’. I would say a deep, meaningful and poignant response.

The removal of Jesus Christ from the prayer was done behind the mask of ‘inclusivity’. What a lie!

44% of the popular vote (Christian) had just been excluded and all other faiths and religions brought to a place of nothingness.

Let’s call it what it is – total marginalisation.

It’s been an agenda for a number of years within a particular political group but it was Mr Mallard who decided to make a name for himself and make it a reality.

Jesus Christ out … Trevor in.

Initially the Queen was out too.

Interestingly enough, the speaker has never suggested that he might drop his own (lifetime) title of the ‘Right Honourable’, a title given to him at the urging of our sovereign and head of state, Queen Elizabeth II. No … better that he keep the title given him by her and ditch her instead.

Thanks for the title, now get lost!

A measure of sanity prevailed it seems and he was persuaded to reinstate her majesty to a place of honour in the prayer.

One can see Mr Mallard basking smugly in the title of Right Honourable but his behaviour is neither right nor honourable. It is disgraceful.

This is the thing though … tyranny is but a small step from democracy and in Mr Mallard’s world there is no place for Jesus Christ or those that value the name.

The aim of course is to throw out any reference to religion and the prayer altogether.

We must retain a legitimate democracy not a democratic façade.

Though appearing to be a champion of liberal all-inclusive policy and ideals, what is actually happening is the de-powering of moral virtue and opinion with reference to the political arena.

In short, what I say goes and what I want to do, will be done and there’s not a lot you can do about it.

Wrong … very wrong.

How quickly we can be taken from democracy to tyranny. We must not under estimate what has happened here. Yes there are those who would see it as a small thing, trite even, insignificant and about time.

Make no mistake, though, what he has done is hugely significant.

The lack of transparency or considered consultation. The pre-conceived agenda. The very things that are polar opposite to the speaker’s declaration that he would take his “powerful position seriously and use it to ENHANCE and PRESERVE our democracy”. What followed immediately was pure hypocrisy.

Political writer Sheldon Wolin describes such a situation as ‘inverted totalitarianism’ meaning that the consent of the people governed is of no matter and no more than a joke.

When one has a monopoly of political power and uses it for self-grandiosment then true democracy for all has been compromised at least and abused at best!

As someone has said – ‘an elephant has been given the right to dance among chickens’. Problem is, we, the people of Aotearoa are the chickens!

There is a thought provoking paradox here … those elected democratically become Autocrats and then desperately do everything they can to appear democratic.

One of the unfortunate fundamentals of democracy is that it provides for tyranny it’s number one essential – legitimacy. Our votes make it so.

In the matter of the Parliamentary prayer, submissions have been made, letters written, delegations met with, opinions expressed all with the desire to see the name of Jesus Christ reinstated, to which the speaker has been unmoved, unaffected, immune, and seemingly impervious to any views expressed other than his own.

Behind the masks of democracy and inclusivity the true face of tyranny lurks.

God and religion are being dismantled to be usurped by man – and in this case, one man writing his own legacy at the expense of the faiths and beliefs of many.

And here’s another thought … what if the speaker has set an uncontested precedent for whoever is to follow … and what might happen if that one is ten times worse! What then?

October 30th, on the grounds of Parliament is the day we the people will have our say. God is God. Man is not.

Mr Speaker, we would suggest that you don’t forget it and don’t get it mixed up!



Rise of the warriors?

T.W. Ratana prophesied it...'the 3rd generation would rise', and I want to prophesy to you that this is that day.

We are about to see an amazing spiritual move and renewal in Maori across the nation.
I keep coming back to it at this time....Matariki, Matariki, Matariki.


We have just entered into the Maori new year, known as Matariki.

Matariki ( the eyes of god ) heralds the beginning of a new year for Maori where the eyes are turned to the heavens to observe the 7 stars known as Pleiades, also called 'the seven sisters'.


The positioning and brilliance was seen as a sign and an indicator for the timing of spring planting of new crops.


So what is the significance prophetically? This is a sign for our day.


Amos 5:8 talks about the Pleiades and I believe God is breathing upon this word to bring it into an amazing reality NOW!

'He made the Pleiades and Orion, HE TURNS THE DEEP DARKNESS INTO MORNING'
This is it.... darkness is about to be turned to light. As the Bright and Morning Star ( Jesus Christ ) rises, so too, a generation!


It's not insignificant that this is the 100 yr celebration of T.W.Ratana's call to ministry...Nov.8. 1918.


October 30 this year when we rally to Parliament to uphold the name of Jesus Christ, Maori with Ratana will be represented in an unprecedented way.


Not marginalised and not used as a political football with which to score political points. There will be a new stature, a new voice and a powerful new presence in the land...and it will not be denied.


The darkness is about to explode into LIGHT!


Let the warriors rise!

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