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Gathered to uphold the name of Jesus for our nation. We celebrate the Christian values that have built Aotearoa. These values of love, peace, wisdom, justice enrich our communities and we see them woven through the generations.

As a collective, we exist to provide a united platform for people of Christian faith from all areas and walks of life within New Zealand to have a voice in parliament and throughout our country and throughout our nation. 

We want to uphold the principles of the parliamentary prayer that has existed for 165 years.  On Wednesday 24 May 1854, the first debate and decision made for the people of Aotearoa was that we should first know, we are dependent on a divine being and His name is Jesus Christ. The second thing they asked for was that the Lord would give them a blessing so that all the future decisions and debates they would make would have the blessing of the Lord Jesus so in turn, we as a people would be blessed. We value the heritage we have today, and this heritage is based upon 'footprints' of faith, like this prayer, that are deep and wide in this land. 

"Almighty God, humbly acknowledging our need for thy guidance in all things, and laying aside all private and personal interests, we beseech Thee to grant that we may conduct the affairs of this House and of our country to the glory of Thy holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, the honour of the Queen and the public welfare, peace and tranquility of New Zealand, through Jesus Christ our Lord. (We pray this prayer for and on behalf of all our members of parliament)."
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